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Teenager’s Snapchat post of co-accused broke rules on court reporting

A TEENAGER has been prosecuted for posting on social media a picture of a juvenile involved in court proceedings.

Blackburn magistrates Brook Seery shared the image on snapchat in breach of a court order normally associated with the press.

The court was told the Section 45 order was not made when the youth appeared in court for the first time on a charge of conspiring to supply drugs, when Seery was present.

It was made when he appeared at Preston Crown Court but Seery’s attendance had been excused and she did not know about the “reporting” restriction.

Seery, 19, of Hambledon Mill Park, Accrington, pleaded guilty to publishing material in contravention of a direction made under Section 45 of the Youth Justice and Criminal Evidence Act 1999. She was given an absolute discharge.

Corrina Platt, defending, said her client was not aware of the reporting restriction.

“On the one occasion she was before the court nobody requested an order to protect her co-accused,” said Mrs Platt.

“She was excused attendance at the Crown Court and it was on that occasion the order was made.”