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‘Simple and mundane’ crate donation helps revamp primary school playground

An East Lancashire baker has donated 200 pie crates to a primary school for use in their playground.

Holland’s Pies donated the crates from its Baxenden factory to Broadway Primary School in Rossendale to help the school’s pupils to engage in imaginative play and develop new skills.

So far they’ve been used for team building, creativity, design, and construction activities, with some being turned into houses, tunnels and even skis and sledges.

Headteacher at Broadway Primary School, Chris Bolton, said: “The crates that were donated from Holland’s Pies have been instrumental in the first development stages of our playground.

“While they were in use at the factory they served one purpose – storing pies.

“However, since they have arrived, they have been many things from boats, sledges, and skis to building blocks for tunnels.

“The children enjoy playing with them every day and always find a new way to use them. Thank you to Hollands Pies for the donation as we are making very good use of them.”

Lancashire Telegraph: Holland's Pies donated 200 crates to Broadway Primary School in Rossendale

With STEM subjects being encouraged from a younger age, primary schools across the country have been looking for new ways to inspire children to pursue a career in engineering, sciences and building technologies; and Broadway Primary School has been excelling in doing exactly that through these new methods of play.

Brand Manager at Holland’s Pies, Leanne Holcroft, said: “Holland’s Pies is a brand close to the hearts of a lot of Lancastrians and we like to make sure that we do everything we can to help our local community and support the local people of our area.

“We’re so glad that the pupils at Broadway Primary School have been able to transform something as simple and mundane as an unused crate, into something that provides so much fun.”