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Shopper ‘disgusted’ by ‘filth’ in Great Harwood Tesco

A DISGRUNTLED shopper has been forced to ‘go elsewhere’ after his complaints regarding a supermarket’s uncleanliness were ignored.

Vincent Donnelly has been shopping at Tesco in Great Harwood for many years but decided to ‘stay away’ when he noticed ‘filth’ accumulating within the store.

Over a period of six months, Mr Donnelly photographed the unclean areas and presented the evidence to customer care, who endeavoured to address the issue but he says, up to now, have not.

Mr Donnelly said: “There is filth all over the store, it’s disgusting.

“David Attenborough could film a documentary about the algae that’s formed just 15 feet above people’s heads.

“This isn’t me trying to cause any issues.

“I have been very polite and understanding of their situation what with the pandemic and everything – but it really does need sorting and we’re six months on now.

“I’ve started driving to the Tesco in Accrington to do my shopping now and it’s night and day difference, but I’d rather not have to.

“I’ve logged several, what I’d call constructive criticisms, to customer care and each time they say they’ll sort it and then don’t. Nothing has been done. I’m being fobbed off.”

Mr Donnelly said that the Great Harwood store manager had told him he was ‘a fool’ for complaining about the ‘filth’ because he was wearing his construction work attire ­— and it was implied that he should ‘just go and shop somewhere else’.

The Lancashire Telegraph contacted Tesco who said that Environmental Health had found ‘no issues of concern’ in the store.

A Tesco spokesperson said: “We work hard to ensure that our stores are clean and take the hygiene and health of our customers and colleagues very seriously.

“Following a complaint, we contacted the local Environmental Health authority who investigated and found no issues of concern in the store.”