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Road closed forcing some residents to take 2-mile detour to get home

Residents in one Blackburn estate said they had to endure a long diversion just to access their homes. A journey made even more frustrating when it appeared the work had been completed. 

People living on Beardwood in Blackburn say they have had to take the detour to just access their homes in the evening due to roadworks.

The entrance to Beardwood from Preston New Road has been blocked off since Sunday. So, drivers have add to navigate a route along Revidge Road and down Beardwood Brow. Others have had to drive to the other side of town and on to Lammack Road to access the estate.

The road closure was in place to fix a burst water main and due only to be in place between June 14 and June 16 according to the Cadent website. It states work is being undertaken by United Utilities.

Lancashire Telegraph:

One resident told us: “I understand work needs to be done but they could have just cordoned off this small area and continued to do the work and then in the evening moved them to the side.”

Another driver this evening had moved the cones and said people were accessing the road. “Do you really think people are going to drive around Blackburn just to get home. Was there any need to block this whole road off like this?

“The work has been completed but all the cones and signs are still up? Why does it still say road closed? It looks like everything is completed?”

Lancashire Telegraph:

Nearby to the junction of Beardwood, temporary traffic lights (above) were still in place on Preston New Road.

According to the Cadent website roadworks along Preston New Road are due to continue until August 19.