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Revealed: The East Lancashire location most popular for summer staycations

A brand new study has revealed the top staycation locations where we are spending the most amount of money, and where in the country we are spending the least, and unfortunately for several parts of Lancashire, it is bad news for recreational and retail visits.

With everything still up in arms with traffic-light systems, there’s been an evident increase in Brits swapping flight tickets for petrol money.

The study, by gambling.com showed that people are spending LESS money in Lancashire when it comes to retail and recreation, BUT, they are spending MORE money on visiting holiday parks in the county.

Retail and recreation have seen a massive spike in activity in certain regions of the UK, especially in places that are able to facilitate us with a much-needed staycation.

In Lancashire, that increase has been seen in people booking holiday parks as part of their staycations, rather than spending money on recreational activities – so ultimately, British staycation trends are changing.

By using community mobility reports, the study is able to look at where in the UK people are spending the most money within the retail and leisure industries and conclude the staycation locations raking in the most amount of money.

The top 10 staycation locations in Lancashire where the most and least amount of money is spent, are as follows.

The list reads from left to right – location; compared to baseline (retail); parks:

  • Wyre District: -5 per cent; 88 per cent
  • Borough of Fylde: -8 per cent; 66 per cent
  • Ribble Valley: -8per cent; 128 per cent
  • West Lancashire: -8 per cent; 96 per cent
  • Pendle District: -9 per cent; 34 per cent
  • South Ribble: -10 per cent; 43 per cent
  • Preston: -11 per cent; 26 per cent
  • Chorley: -12 per cent; 62 per cent
  • Hyndburn: -12 per cent; 24 per cent
  • Burnley: -16 per cent; 4 per cent 

The Wyre District nabs the ‘top’ spot for recreational and retail spending, seeing a 5 per cent decrease. However, Wyre has seen a huge 88 per cent increase in holiday park spends; so it’s evident that people are purchasing more for their holiday through ‘packages’ instead of taking basics and then spending outside of their accommodation.

Taking up second place is Flyde, again, there has been have a -8 per cent decrease on recreational spends, but a 66 per cent increase in the holiday park spends, and then the Ribble Valley is just below that, with also a -8 per cent increase, but a 128 per cent increase in spends for holiday parks.

No towns in Lancashire had both negative figures and all holiday park spends outweighed the recreational and retail spends.

As staycationers, we are purchasing more at holiday parks in the Ribble Valley

Even though mobility trends in Ribble Valley have shown a -8 percent decrease in retail and recreational activities, they are in fact the top scorers in gaining spends for holiday parks, with a 128 per cent increase in the past month making here the most popular staycation spot for British holiday goers to spend their money.

Mobility trends also saw that Wyre District had seen a huge increase for holiday parks at 88 per cent, and Flyde having a 66 per cent increase.

People were opting to stay out of Burnley, with a -16 per cent decrease on recreational and retail spends – and they only had a 4 per cent increase within holiday parks.

Hyndburn were placed ninth, however, they were up 24 per cent on holiday park spends.

Despite some free activities having no direct effect on the bank balance of the average holiday goer, where there are people, there is a need for food and drink.

These open spaces act as a secondary cause to provide cafes and restaurants with their customers and will inevitably encourage us to splash the cash – so Lancashire needs to start bringing people back to spend more for recreational and retail activities.