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Radford family give sneak peek inside new pie bakery unit

BRITAIN’S biggest family has shared an update about their new pie venture.

The Morecambe-based Radford family unveiled plans to expand their business and have purchased a new unit for the family bakery to operate from.

The Radford’s Pie Company has been around since 1999- but now they are looking to take their business to the next level and expand.

The 24-strong family will be updating their social media followers about the bakery’s progress as time goes on.

Posting to their YouTube channel, parents Noel and Sue unveiled the bakery’s new unit giving their followers a glimpse inside.

Speaking on the vlog, Sue said: “It’s a very exciting day today, we get the keys to the new unit.

“It obviously needs a lot of work doing to it.”

Lancashire Telegraph: The unit needs a lot of work (YouTube/The Radford Family)The unit needs a lot of work (YouTube/The Radford Family)

Noel added: “There is absolutely nothing to look at- it’s just an empty shell at the moment.

“ there is going to be a lot of work involved in the next month or two to get that set up.

“We’ll keep you updated on it.”

While inside the unit, Noel remarked: “It’s so much bigger than the bakery we have now… but bigger also means more work.

“The floor is in worse condition than I thought- so that’s gonna take a bit of work to sort out.”

Explaining their vision, Noel and Sue said you will walk through a hygienic door into what they are calling ‘the pod’- which will be a ‘whole new room’ built into the unit.

Lancashire Telegraph: Noel said the floor is in worse condition than expected (YouTube/ The Radford Family)Noel said the floor is in worse condition than expected (YouTube/ The Radford Family)

The ceiling will be dropped between 2-3 meters too.

All around the pod there will be a walkway which will be used by electricians, plumbers and other tradesmen- there will be no wires showing through the bakehouse.

“It’s real top-grade stuff we are having fitted, ”Noel explained.

Since posting the YouTube video, the Radford have posted updates to their Instagram story.

Lancashire Telegraph: Work has commenced on the unitWork has commenced on the unit

The pictures show wall cladding has been put up in the warehouse- and it already looks so much better and cleaner than it did in the vlog.

You can keep up-to-date with the Radford’s pie business by following their Instagram page and YouTube channel.