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Public ban on guns and knives in public extends into Lancashire homes

ALL weapons banned in public will now be banned in private, meaning people can no longer keep them at home.

A change in legislation means that from today all weapons banned by the Criminal Justice Act 1988 including flick and zombie knives, shuriken, death stars and knuckledusters will also now be banned in the home.

Temp Chief Inspector Dave Oldfield of Lancashire Violence Reduction Network said: “We are fortunate that knife crime is low in Lancashire, at around 1 per cent.

“Even so, it remains a top priority and we are serious about tackling knife and violent crime together with partner agencies.

“The change in legislation is welcome and will help officers to take dangerous weapons off the streets and make it more difficult for people to obtain knives and other bladed articles in the first place.

“Turning our focus to prevention, there is a lot of multi-agency early intervention work being done across the county to support communities and young people and encourage the young into meaningful activities, education, and employment.

“This work is vital in steering young people away from crime.”