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Police issue 20 fines as reservoir swimmers block pavement and obstruct carriageway on Grane Road

Police have handed out 20 fixed penalty notices and issued warnings after a number of people were caught swimming in a quarry.

On Sunday, officers in Rossendale received several calls about people putting themselves in danger in the open water while under the influence of alcohol.

A warning was issued about the dangers of swimming in quarries and reservoirs, and police issued 20 fixed penalty notices to people who had parked on the road and blocked the pavement.

A spokesperson for the police said: “Yesterday we received a number of calls about people swimming at a quarry off Grane Road, Haslingden.

“We have previously warned of the dangers of swimming in quarries, reservoirs and lakes, especially under the influence of alcohol, and it would appear the message still isn’t getting through.

“Cold water shock is a real danger in open water and can catch people out with fatal consequences.

“Quarries can also have submerged obstacles and sheer sides, making it difficult to get out of the water quickly.

“Please don’t let it be your family that we have to give a heartbreaking message to.

“The owner of the quarry has also made it clear that nobody is to be within the quarry boundaries without their express permission.

“We also issued 20 fixed penalty notices for obstruction to vehicles blocking the pavement whilst the occupants were believed to be at the quarry.

“This meant that pedestrians were forced to walk in the carriageway on a 50mph road.

“This is entirely unacceptable and we will continue to enforce this.”