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Police force teenage girls to replant flowers in Blackburn town centre following criminal damage act

Midway through a week of targeted action by the police, and officers in Blackburn have already been busy.

As part of anti-social behaviour awareness week, police and neighbourhood officers have carried out several visits to homes in anti-social behaviour hotspots, and have confiscated alcohol from people in Blackburn town centre.

On Tuesday evening, PCSO Veronica Roberts was involved with an incident in the town centre where two teenage girls had pulled multiple flowers from the planters on King William Street.

PCSO Roberts said: “This evening two teenage girls decided to pull out multiple flowers from the planters on the King William Street and throw them all over the street.

“Thanks to fantastic work from The Mall control room and Northgate CCTV, we were able to locate the girls, who were then made to replant all of the flowers.

“It’s safe to say that they were very sorry once their hands were filthy.”

In other areas, officers conducted house to house enquiries in relation to a recent burglary on Higson Street, and made visits to several homes run by Together Housing due to anti-social behaviour within some of their properties.

Residents were spoken with and conversations were had about neighbour disputes and damage to properties.

A spokesperson for the police said: “A male was given advice on the Arran Trail for walking with an off road bike

“Local councillors have been spoken to about what improvements could be made to the parks on the Shadsworth Estate.

“Alcohol has again been confiscated within the town centre, one male was arrested due to being drunk and disorderly who was then abusive to officers.”

If anyone has any issues in relation to ASB please report them online or via 101.