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Letter: Social media is not compulsory so let’s all avoid it

One way to avoid social media abuse is by not going on it.

The pages there are populated by idiots who are a minority and not representative of wider society, as many try to suggest. Some of them should be jailed for their output.

Whether it be racial abuse aimed at Marcus Rashford, Sir Tom Moore, or Priti Patel, they should all be condemned equally. There are extremes on every platform of opinion. The main problem that needs addressing is social media itself.

This medium of communication is not a rite of passage. It is not compulsory to get a smart phone and jump on all the current bandwagons. You also don’t have to take a selfie everywhere you go.

The world is still a beautiful place with so much to enjoy with our own eyes. Let us all chill out, enjoy it and be nice.

Alan Bates