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Joe McArdle column: ‘By 17 I had booked a holiday to Ibiza’

I’m not sure you can beat the combination of a hot summer and European Football.

Oh, apologies, yes you can, a hot summer with World Cup Football. But this certainly does the job.

The Copa America is also on (not the most highly watched tournament in Lancashire I’d say, but everyone is up for a Brazil v Messi, I mean Argentina, final).

With Wimbledon and the Olympics also on, we’ve got a summer full of sporting treats.

One of the highlights of the Euros so far must be the performance of the newly anointed Yorkshire Pirlo, Kalvin Phillips.

With his performance being so good that a lot of people are now calling Pirlo, the Italian Phillips.

No one expected Harry Kane to be the quiet one, running back into midfield desperate to touch the ball whilst Kalvin had the Croatian midfield in a headlock.

Nevertheless, we got the three points we needed from the team that stopped us from taking it home last time.

Next up we’ve got the Scots.

Having lived there for four years, and during the Scottish independence referendum, I certainly have some backward loyalties to the Tartan army.

Not only do I sport the natural team colours of pale skin, freckles and red hair, I have a surname of Celtic origin and hold the Scottish footballing trait of having more passion than technical, footballing ability.

But alas, I can’t not support our boys.

The most unnerving part of our England squad is certainly the inclusion of the teenage wonderboy Jude Bellingham.

A lad who was in year eight during the last Euros and is now the youngest player to feature at the competition.

A lad who isn’t even old enough to legally watch Pulp Fiction or play Red Dead Redemption.

A lad who has achieved all of our childhood dreams before he’s even finished his childhood (all whilst earning our yearly salaries in a week).

Makes my 17-year-old achievements pale in comparison.

Let’s have a think, by 17 I’d set up a UCAS account, I’d booked a holiday to Ibiza with my mate Paddy and was actively avoiding revising for my A-Levels.

Should I be comparing myself to a teenage, footballing starlet? No! Because I bet he hasn’t completed all Grand Theft Auto’s from Vice City to GTA V…in fact, I know he hasn’t, because he’s not legally allowed to play it.

Swings and roundabouts eh?