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Hyndburn pothole repair that ‘looks like giant penis’ ridiculed by residents

The filling-in of potholes on a road outside a school has been ridiculed by residents who said ‘their kids could have done a better job’.

Multiple potholes that have littered Devonshire Drive in Clayton-le-Moors were filled in earlier this week, but one resident took to social media to express his disdain at the botch job by Lancashire County Council.

Martyn Parry, who lives in the area, posted a video online with an accompanying sarcastic comment: “Just wanna say what a fantastic job they’ve done on the potholes – my kids could have done a better job.”

The video attracted more than 100 comments with people slamming the repairs, demanding to know where their road tax and council tax money was going.

One Facebook user said: “Absolutely disgusting, worse than ever, I wouldn’t like to put my name to that mess, wonder what that’s cost the tax payers.”

Lancashire Telegraph:

Another commented: “One of them even looks like a giant penis.”

Another added: “Makes sense to tarmac the whole road not just the holes, we get all this money from tax payers and it goes nowhere, we shouldn’t have to pay car tax.”

While one person commented: “The first rain/car that goes over that and it’s all back out. Good way to waste council money, and raise next year’s rates/council tax.

“If you’re going to do it, do it right, it’s cheaper in the long run.”

Lancashire Telegraph:

With another exclaiming: “It’s an absolute disgrace, it all needs doing properly not patched like that, what are we paying all our council tax and road tax for?”

Mr Parry said the state of the road was ‘shocking’, and even said the workmen had missed several large holes closer to the speed bumps.

Hyndburn Councillor, Cllr Noordad Aziz said he would follow up with the council about the state of the road, telling Mr Parry via social media: “I will visit the area today as it is not acceptable in my opinion.”

And according to one resident, numerous other areas had been filled-in in a similar way.

Lancashire Telegraph:

The resident said: “All the ones they have done in Clayton over last few days have been shocking. It takes them five minutes per area to complete it, then off they go.”

A spokesman for Lancashire County Council admitted the road was in a poor condition and said they would put it forward for consideration next year: “Devonshire Road is in poor condition and will be put forward alongside other priorities for consideration as part of next year’s resurfacing programme.

“In the meantime we will continue to make any repairs which may be needed to keep the surface in safe condition.

“The poor structural condition of the road means that the approach we usually take where the area around the pothole is cut out to create a neat repair is not possible.”