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Freedom Day in Lancashire: Mixed opinions on face masks

As ‘Freedom Day’ has arrived, many are elated to be able to get back to ‘normal’ while others believe that restrictions have been lifted too suddenly.

From midnight (July 19), all Covid-19 regulations have been lifted meaning that is it no longer a legal requirement to wear a face covering or adhere to social distancing.

The topic of face masks being scrapped has been a popular discussion, with many people saying they cannot wait to get rid of their mask, while others say they will continue to wear them to keep themselves and others safe from coronavirus.

But will you continue to wear a face mask from today?

Writing on social media, Andy Young said: “The purpose of the jabs were to ease the restrictions and everything that inconvenienced us. Some people will want to wear one, some people won’t.

“I’m not wearing mine, I’m yet to be proved they actually do anything.”

While Kelly Angel commented: “Yes. I want to minimise the risk of transmitting it to other people.

“If wearing a small piece of fabric over my face will help prevent the spread and potential deaths, then why not?

“How can you be so selfish when it’s such a small thing to ask?

“There’s not a single reason not to it you’re not (genuinely) exempt from wearing one.”

Andy Watton said: “Generally, no, but there are circumstances where I will (and wear additional PPE) – for example, when I visit a nursing home.”

Frank Gregory said: “Yes, I’ll be wearing mine, in crowded places, like in a supermarket or small shops.

“It’s no big deal.”

Gemma Louise added: “I shall indeed, if wearing a mask can prevent others from contracting it and keep them safe, I am all for it.

“There are worse things that we could have to do than wear a mask.”