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Flint Arrow Photography captures faces of Accrington ­— gallery

A PHOTOGRAPHER has launched a project to capture the faces of a town for posterity.

Flint Arrow Photography in Accrington was set up in lockdown by Lee Morante who opened a studio.

Mr Morante wants to showcase the people who frequent Accrington in 2021, so that people in years to come can view the faces of a year after the world was devastated by the coronavirus pandemic.

Over June 5 and 6, people dropped into the studio to be photographed. An exhibition will be held on June 19.

Mr Morante said: “The goal with this project was twofold, first to create a fresh body of work that could be kept as a historical document of the people who frequented Accrington in 2021.

“Something future generations can look at and see that the people we photographed were, or are depending on how far into the future we are talking, real people who existed at this point in time.”

Mr Morante has helped work on projects like this in the past with other photographers and for the first time wanted to create his own.

Throughout the two days, a wide variety of people from different backgrounds and ages, ranging from a baby to great grandparents dropped in.

The photographer said: “I think it’s important to include a diverse array of people.

“After all, we hope that this will be looked at in the future as a representation of the people of Accrington. “

Since childhood, Mr Morante has always been interested in photography, capturing moments at family events on a tiny little camera that other family members left lying around.

He said: “Being told off by my parents that I had ‘wasted all of the film’ was the standard for me.

“Photography was the only career path I could see myself taking and it has developed into a very fun career and lifestyle. That was an intentional pun, I have no shame.”

Daily sneak peeks are available on the Flint Arrow Facebook page @flintarrowphoto.