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East Lancashire residents report fly-tipping, dogs fouling and more

ILLEGALLY parked cars and overflowing bins are just some of the issues that have been reported on a website dedicated to  local street crime and issues.

FixMyStreet, allows local people to file any reports and community issues. These issues are then automatically flagged with the relevant local councils.

It was a built by the charity mySociety, a non-profit organization which helps people with technology, research and data that individuals, journalists, and civil society can use.

Here are some of the issues that have been reported by East Lancashire residents in the past few months:

On the 17th May, a user reported an abandoned vehicle in the Brookhouse area.

They said it had been “abandoned for three weeks” with no tax or insurance.

Another user submitted a complaint about Victoria Street, asking Blackburn with Darwen council to “provide more waste bins” as they are “overflowing with rubbish”.

Lancashire Telegraph: (Photo: Fix My Street)(Photo: Fix My Street)

They added: “There are not enough bins for the amount of food outlets. How do you expect people to keep the road tidy and get rid of their food packaging waste?”.

Black bags and “some general rubbish” is said to have been dumped behind a small building on Calder Street, Burnley.

That isn’t the only fly-tipping problem reported on the website.

On 22 May, an anonymous user reported a ‘flytipping dumping point’ near the garages on Higher Tentre in Burnley.

They wrote: “I live at the end of the block near the garages on Higher Tentre. At the back of these garages is a pile of what looks like built up rubble, piles of waste, years of leaves and tree branches that have not just fallen but also been piled onto by neighbours

“Then the flytipping started. With bags of this and that, clothes, broken furniture and soft furnishings.

“The rats have a field riot during the spring, the cats make it stink during the summer. Then it turns into piles of slushy mud with massive puddles in winter.

“Please clear this area. It’s building up so much now that the kids can use the mounds to get on the garage roofs which are all flat.”

In February, there were also numerous reports of dog poo covering the pavement.

One case was reported on Scott Park Road with another near Kirkgate, in Burnley.

At the end of May, another local reported a flytipped sofa just off atlas Road in Darwen.

Lancashire Telegraph: (Photo: Fix My Street)(Photo: Fix My Street)

One Hyndburn resident made a report in April about a dog that keeps fouling at their front door.

They wrote: “This is a problem I have been dealing with about dog fouling at my front door

“It’s been going on for months so I put CCTV up and caught the culprit.

“Will you please send this family some sort of letter saying that this will not be tolerated as I have been down and complained twice and it is falling on deaf ears.”

There is another dog fouling problem in Nelson on Ormerod Street.

They said it has been a problem here for around six months.

A report was also made to Pendle Borough Council for dead rats in the area.

They wrote: “Due to rubbish being left out it has increased the amount of rodents in the area. Dead rats can be seen on street corners.”

A Rossendale resident reported issues with a vehicle which always parks at an access point near Victoria Street.

They added:  “It is a regular occurrence by the driver”.

Do you have a local problem which you would like to report? Visit FixMyStreet to voice your concern.