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‘Dirty protest’ assault suspect smeared faeces on walls of Blackburn police cell

A MAN arrested on suspicion of assault staged a ‘dirty protest’ by smearing excrement over the walls of his cell.

Blackburn magistrates heard nothing came of the assault allegation but Jack Steven Talbot was prosecuted for criminal damage.

Talbot, 29, of Devonport Court, Blackburn, pleaded guilty to criminal damage to a cell at Blackburn police station. He was fined £100 which was set against the time he had spent in custody and ordered to pay £500 compensation.

Paul Sumner, prosecuting, said no charges had come as a result of the original arrest. At the police station he was aggressive towards staff who later became aware he had smeared excrement around his cell.

“I apply for £500 compensation to cover the cost of specialist cleaning which is necessary before the cell can be used again,” said Mr Sumner.

Neil Howard, defending, said Talbot had actually called the police in the first place because he was concerned about an assault on his uncle by another man.

“After his arrest he was angry because he wasn’t able to check on his uncle who has serious health problems,” said Mr Howard.

“When he had calmed down he repeatedly offered to clean the cell himself.”