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Burnley teacher’s appeal for defibrillators in school

A BURNLEY primary school’s teacher is trying to raise money for more defibrillator units after being “horrified” by Christian Eriksen’s cardiac arrest at the weekend.

He watched the “horrific” scenes of Christian Eriksen’s collapse and cardiac arrest unfold and said it spurred him into action.

Denmark’s team doctor Morten Boesen confirmed Christian Eriksen suffered a cardiac arrest and that “he was gone” prior to being resuscitated

Eriksen was brought back through a combination of CPR and an electric shock from a defibrillator.

Mr Kay added: “It shocked a lot of people who were watching it- including some of our children who have asked questions about it.

“It was one of those moments that makes you stop and think about what would you would do if it happened at your school.”

(Facebook/Brunshaw Primary School)

However, defibrillators are not provided at schools and if you want one on the premises you will have to pay for it out of pocket.

My Kay explained that he has “always thought that schools should have them.”

He acknowledged that while it’s less likely for the children to suffer a cardiac arrest, it’s a more likely reality for the staff and parents at the school.

Posting to the school’s Facebook page last Sunday (13 June), Mr Kay wrote: “This has always been something that I would ‘ideally’ have around school…but after watching the horrific scenes unfold this weekend which were shocking to witness this is now the forefront of my mind.

“I cannot comprehend the thought of what happened this weekend happening on our school playground or during a school sporting event- but the reality is…it could happen!

“All schools should have defibrillators provided and available in school settings, unfortunately this is not the case and schools have to stump up the £500+ per unit cost!

Lancashire Telegraph: Christian Eriksen leaves the field after collapsing (Friedemann Vogel/Pool via AP)Christian Eriksen leaves the field after collapsing (Friedemann Vogel/Pool via AP)

“I am, more than ever, keen to get these into my school so if there are any local companies who would be willing to help with the cost of this, DM me and I would be happy to speak to you and see what we can do to bring these into our school.

“We hope we would never have to use these but as this weekend has shown…you never know!”

At the time of writing, the post has received 68 reactions, 40 comments and 73 shares.

Rachel Louise wrote: “I think we should raise some money to get one it is an essential first aid equipment now a days.

“We should do this as part of none uniform day Friday and another event.”

Ms Bonny said: “I think parents would be happy to contribute after the horrific scenes.”

Speaking to The Lancashire Telegraph about the post, Mr Kay said: “It was a harmless post that I put on Facebook and it kind of snowballed.

“We’ve had a couple of people who are interesting in donating some- but I still need to get in touch with them.”

Mr Kay added that some of the pupil’s parents have already started to raise money for the cause and set up some donation pages.

While fundraising is still in its early days and Mr Kay still needs to work out the logistics of obtaining a defibrillator unit,  he said would be grateful to have “just one” defibrillator unit on site but added that “having two of three would be fantastic.”

Mr Kay said: “We would also like to help out other schools in the community.

“If we did raise enough money and get enough donations,  I could start to speak to other schools about getting some for them too.”

If you think you can help out the school and offer a donation, contact a member of staff at the following website: https://www.brunshaw.lancs.sch.uk/contact-details/.

Alternatively, you can leave the school a message via their Facebook page.

Mr Kay isn’t the only Burnley resident campaigning for more defibrillator units in the community. 

Jodie Sutcliffe says her dad would not be here today if it wasn’t for life-saving CPR but added that the incident made her realise just how scarce defibrillators are in the area.

Working with the Rosegrove Neighbourhood Watch, Jodie wants to raise £2,500 to ensure there are two extra defibrillator units in her Burnley neighbourhood.