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Burnley Council’s Covid support cash to continue

Burnley Council’s Executive on Wednesday is recommended to pledge cash support for the Burnley Together community hub for the next two years.

It is also asked to provide £30,000 towards a scheme set up by Burnley FC in the Community to help improve young people’s mental health by putting a specialist worker into each of the borough’s high schools.

The majority of the funding – £125,000 a year- is from the Premier League, with each school making a contribution of £12,000 annually.

And the Executive is recommended to provide a further £30,000 to continue to pay for an existing community link officer, and create a second post, to work with families in need for intensive support.

Burnley Together, which was set up to help support local families through the Covid pandemic, brings together partners from the public, private and voluntary sectors.

Cllr Margaret Lishman, the council’s health and wellbeing boss, said: “The immediate response to the Covid crisis is hopefully coming to an end but it’s clear that the demand for Burnley Together’s services will continue.

“The community hub has proved extremely successful at supporting local people and families in a wide range of ways and we want to see that support continue.

“We want to use money from our existing Covid response budget to ensure that the good work that’s been developed carries on.”