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Blackburn’s Witton Park Academy send three class bubbles home following surge in positive Covid tests

A high school confirmed it has sent home three different class bubbles due to the coronavirus.

Head teacher at Witton Park Academy in Blackburn, Andrew Burton, said that due to surge testing which took place at the school last week, a number of positive test results were registered, which meant the school had to effectively ‘close’ three bubbles and send pupils home to self isolate.

The school said the surge testing had taken place to help reduce rates of transmission and they were preparing to continue testing next week, with ‘further disruption’ to class bubbles being likely.

Mr Burton wanted to reassure students and parents that anyone self-isolating would be receiving ‘high quality remote learning’, while pupils in Year 11 would continue to attend school for their enrichment programme.

Mr Burton said: “We have conducted PCR tests on behalf of Public Health England to support and protect our community and have subsequently been informed of a number of positive results.

“Following public health and the BwD education response team guidance I can confirm three bubble closures this week.

“Next week we continue our support for surge testing to reduce rates of transmission and accept that further disruption is likely.

“All pupils self-isolating are receiving high quality remote learning.

“Year 11 pupils continue to attend school on their enrichment programme.”