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Blackburn: Met Office predicts sunny weather for weekend

THE WEATHER looks set for a marked improvement later on this week with the Met Office predicting a warm and sunny few days from Friday.

Forecasters predict that temperatures in Blackburn and East Lancashire will see highs of 22°C rising to 24°C on Saturday and Sunday, with cloudless skies from 4pm on Friday onwards.

Saturday is set to remain sunny all day, aside from clouds appearing briefly at around 1pm, while Sunday will be cloudless from 10am up until sundown.

This comes in marked contrast to the period leading up to Friday, with Monday in particular seeing persistent rain and temperatures reaching highs of just 17°.

Temperatures should creep upwards on Tuesday and Wednesday, reaching highs of 20°C with both days set to remain dry and with a sunny evening set in store for Wednesday evening from 7pm onwards.

Thursday should be slightly warmer with temperatures reaching highs of 21°C and another sunny evening predicted.

Residents in East Lancashire will then be all set for a warm and sunny weekend.

However, the Met Office has cautioned people enjoying the sun to take care UV rays on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and has warned hayfever sufferers that they are likely to see a high pollen count on Friday.