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Blackburn: Man gets out of van at traffic lights to urinate on road

A company has apologised after a worker got out of a van and was spotted urinating at traffic lights in Blackburn.

The passenger was pictured on Queen’s Park Road (Thursday July 8) and seemed oblivious to the fact there were worshippers leaving the mosque close by.

People were leaving the mosque having conducted late evening prayers at around 8.10pm.

As the traffic lights turned red the man left the vehicle and urinated on the road.

A witness told us: “It is bad enough doing it anywhere but as people are walking past in daylight. And outside a place of worship.

“The van stopped and was quiet and then the music went up and this man just jumped out.

“I am sure if he wanted to, he could have asked to use the mosque toilets. I don’t think anyone would have minded if he had asked nicely.

“Also, no one said anything to him as they probably just as shocked as I was.”

The van belonged to a roofing company. The owner of the company apologised profusely and said he would be taking the incident seriously.

He said they had a number of vans and this was not the manner in which his staff should be conducting themselves anywhere.

He told us: “My apologies and there are no excuses for this. I am very sorry and I will looking into this and the person who has done this will be losing their job.”