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Blackburn author releases new book set in heart of Lancashire

An East Lancashire author has written a semi-autobiographical novel set in the heart of the red rose county.

Meg J. Parry was born in Liverpool but was brought up in Blackburn, where she lived until 1987 when she moved to London, then to Malta in 2007.

Meg spent many childhood holidays in Lytham St Anne’s on the Fylde coast, which is where her newest novel, Roses of Lace, is primarily based.

After working for a bank for 14 years in Lancashire and in London, the 60-year-old spent several years entertaining and doing musical therapy with Alzheimer’s and dementia patients, as well as presenting local history tours and managing a theatre on the south coast.

Speaking about her new book, Meg said: “Roses of Lace, which is set in Lancashire, is semi-autobiographical and, like me, the main character, Laurel, grew up in Blackburn.

“Intelligent and attractive, owning her London flat, 48-year-old bank manager Laurel seems to have made it, yet she is unfulfilled and alone, her love life a string of failures.

“In this semi-autobiographical narrative, which is honest, touching and funny, her sudden flight to happiness and re-discovery is hampered by her own butterfly nature.”

Meg, 60, who teaches English as a foreign language in Malta, also plays the organ in her local church, has written for the theatre, and has published books on theatre history and a novel.

She added: “Laurel’s flight to Lancashire’s Fylde coast is interspersed with vivid memories of childhood, revealing a visceral need for reconnection with her roots and self-discovery.

“Revisiting the landmarks, promenades and gardens of Lytham St Anne’s allows her to deal with the loss of her parents, her youth, her relationships and even her identity.”

Published by Vanguard Press, Meg’s book was released on May 27.

It can be bought as an e-book from the publisher or via Amazon, or in traditional form from normal bookshops priced £10.99.