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Bad Boy Chiller Crew

Bad Boy Chiller Crew (often abbreviated as BBCC) is a British bassline collective from Bradford in West Yorkshire. The group began by uploading comedy and prank videos online before making music influenced by the UK bassline scene which rose to prominence, particularly in the Yorkshire region, during the 2000s.[1] However, as the collective started as a comedy group and their rap style utilized a gentler ‘flow’ compared to other UK rap genres such as grime or drill, this led them to be compared to the fictitious garage collective and radio station Kurupt FM, from the BBC mockumentary series People Just Do Nothing.[2]

The group is a trio: Gareth Kelly (GK), Kane Welsh and Sam (Clive) Robinson.[3] In early 2020, the group were signed by the London-based record label House Anxiety and have been managed by Darren Booth (commonly known as Dr Google).[4] More recently, it has been confirmed that Booth had negotiated a major recording contract with Relentless.[citation needed]

The group released their debut album Full Wack No Brakes on 25 September 2020.[5]