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Accrington telecoms mast plan locked by councillors

COUNCILLORS have vetoed a bid to site a 15 metre high telecommunications mast in a suburban road.

IX Wireless Ltd had given Hyndburn Council notification of its intention to site the pole and antennae opposite 82 Marlborough Road, Accrington.

But Milnshaw ward councillor Paul Cox asked that the borough’s planning committee considered whether the proposal needed debate before approval.

An officers’ report said: “This is an application for prior notification by an electronic communications code operator for the erection of a 15m pole and associated cabinets to support high speed wireless broadband internet.

“This is not a planning application.

“This is an application giving the local planning authority prior notification of the applicant’s intention to erect the proposed mast in the location described.

“If the local authority reach the view that prior approval is not required, it will effectively be granted consent subject to standard conditions .

“If the local authority reach the view that prior approval is required, the assessment of the development is limited to the ‘siting’ and ‘appearance’ of the development.”

The officers recommended vetoing the mast which was unanimously supported by councillors.

Their report said “Prior approval of the proposed development is required, and we recommend that it is refused for the following reason: that the applicant has failed to demonstrate that they have explored the possibility of erecting apparatus on existing buildings, masts or other structures in the vicinity of the proposed mast to keep the number of telecommunications masts to the minimum required and that a new mast (and the associated environmental impact) is therefore required to be sited in this location.”