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Ability Superstore’s 10 gadgets to make your life easier

After an easy-to-use kettle went viral on TikTok, The Lancashire Telegraph put together a list of 10 items that will be useful in anyone’s kitchen. 

Staff at Ability Superstore, based in Nelson, were rejoicing last month when a kettle listed on their website caught the imagination of people far and wide.

Many were unaware that such an item even existed and when it was featured on video-sharing app TikTok, orders poured in for the swivel kettle that allows users to fill a cup without picking it up.

It’s good for elderly people and those with disabilities as well as folk who just love a good life hack.

The Lancashire Telegraph put together a list of other gadgets guaranteed to make your life easier.

1.Twister Jar Opener

The twister jar opener.

The twister jar opener.

This is a simple yet effective item. For the people having trouble opening jars and bottles, trying every kitchen cloth in sight to open them, this is a handy gadget.

It has fluted finger grips to ensure holding it is comfortable. All you need to do is place it over the lid then twist it to release the pressure seal.

Jamie McKay at Ability Superstore said: “Why do they make jars so hard to open?

“All we want is some jam on our toast or olives with a glass of wine, but no, we have to struggle with tea towels and elastic bands just to open a jar.

“That is where the twister jar opener is the gadget you didn’t know you needed. Just pop it on the lid and twist, saving you time and energy in the kitchen.”

2.Safe sip re-useable drink cover

Re-usable drinks cover.

Re-usable drinks cover.

An everyday item that can be fitted on cups and glasses to ensure no spilling.

The website states no amount of tipping or knocking will loosen the cover, so anyone with clumsy hands can rest assured.

Mr McKay said: “Balancing drinks with straws can be precarious, it just takes one tiny knock, and your kitchen or garden table is a sea of spilt drink (even worse if it is an alcoholic drink, just think of the waste!)”

3.Talking Kitchen Scale

The talking kitchen scale.

The talking kitchen scale.

To make everyone’s baking life a little easier, this kitchen scale will tell you out loud the measurements, so you don’t have to strain your eyes trying to figure it out.

Mr McKay said: “You pour some flour in a measuring jug and then spend five minutes squinting at tiny worn-out markings, trying to work out where 350 ml is.

“Before giving up and pouring in the whole packet. The talking kitchen scales do exactly what they say, they speak the weight of what has been measured in a clear voice.”

Ideal for anyone whose vision is less than 50/50.

4. SAD therapy life light

The sad therapy light.

The sad therapy light.

After three lockdowns, this might just be the thing we all need, especially for those working from home days.

The daily intake of light we should be receiving is from 2,500 lux to 10,000. But in England, most of us will not be getting anywhere near this sitting at our desks with the laptop glow the only light.

Mr McKay said: “Anyone who lives in the UK will tell you that we don’t get a summer season as such.

“This makes waking up in the winter more difficult. Unlike just turning on the ‘big light’ and waking up with a jump, the SAD light replicates the growing glow of natural sunlight.

“Giving you a gentle wake up light to get your day going calmly and peacefully.”

It’s not guaranteed to make you happy, but the light will brighten your day.

5. Plug-tugs

A plug-tug from the ability store

A plug-tug from the ability store

Everyone has had moments where you either can’t find the plug socket to take your phone off charge in a hurry, or it’s late at night and you really don’t want to get out of bed to reach it.

These plug tugs take the fuss out of it.

Mr McKay said: “As we get older, fighting over the plug sockets on the floor can get laborious and even dangerous if you are pulling plugs out late at night.

“This simple but surprisingly useful solution means that you can simply tug the plug out. No more stooping and battling with stiff plugs before bedtime.”

6. Tube Master

Tube Master from the store.

Tube Master from the store.

Toothpaste can be a pain when you can’t get it out of the tube, but this simple hack keeps it in place.

If you hate waste, then this is the little clip for you – no toothpaste gets left behind!

To use it, just slide it over the tube and enjoy not having to use your strength to get it out.

This is also good for other tube creams.

7. Talking measuring tape

Talking measuring tape.

Talking measuring tape.

Measuring anything can get quite tricky for some of us, as you may struggle to remember measurements. But with this quirky tape, it stores and remembers measurements.

Providing announcements in millimetres, centimetres, feet or inches, this aid makes taking measurements quick and precise.

It means you won’t have to mess around with a pencil and paper trying to remember every number!

8. Hands-free hairdryer stand

A hair dryer stand.

A hair dryer stand.

This invention will go down well with all of us who have hair that takes ages to dry.

It’s also good for those who cannot hold anything heavy for long and who may have less grip. This stand will hold the dryer in place, so you can grab your hairbrush and get the perfect style without getting tired hands.

9.The viral kettle

The famous kettle.

The famous kettle.

We just couldn’t have a list without this Uccello kettle, which went viral on TikTok after one woman posted about how useful it was for her grandma.

It ended up with 1.8 million views!

It can swivel down to allow water into a cup without having to be lifted – perfect for people who cannot lift heavy things.

10. Draught excluder

The draught excluder.

The draught excluder.

One for the cold months, is the draught excluder.

Sometimes, you may find the gaps in your house are letting cold draughts in but replacing all the windows can be expensive.

The simple design works by building a barrier between the floor and the base of the door, blocking any nuisance draughts from reaching inside of the room.

To find out more about each item, search them on the Ability Superstore website.